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We are a new age techno-commercial e-waste recycling expert, enabling the environmental value-chain for all.


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We are a 360* e-waste and plastic recycling solutions company, evolving each aspect of it’s growth.


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We keep environment first and bring in the purpose to address related issues and build a co-existing ecology.

Pegasus - eWaste Management Company

We are a Leading Global eWaste Management Company, Committed to The Environment

E-waste is one of the most critical and crucial segments of the waste management cycle. It poses a significant challenge when it comes to the processing and management due to its high land requirement for disposal and low biodegradability. it is therefore a responsibility for us to create a long term reliable solution for our future generations.

The first step to making E waste recycling an important sector in recycling is to raise  awareness through manufacturers at the first point of sale of new products. Second, through the take-back responsibility of the producer or manufacturer, we are able to prevent E waste from going into landfills. The third and the last step is the responsibility of all consumers to take it upon themselves to ensure that all E waste is sustainably dealt with.

Services & Solutions

We offer comprehensive recycling, industry-specific waste management, quality control & sustainability solutions for businesses and corporations.

Recycling for Businesses
We Electronic Waste recycling for business and industries. Business tend to generate more electronic waste. We offer a sustainable solution for Recycling eWaste for Businesses.
Recycling for Electronic OEMs
Our secure and comprehensive recycling process ensures none of your e-waste ends up in the grey market or is illegally dumped, creating a potential environmental hazard or inflicted drop in brand reputation.
Advanced Material Recovery
The waste which cannot be reused is shredded into fractions for obtaining raw materials. Ours specialize recycling process ensures that we procure maximum resource recovery.
Data Destruction
We ensure complete data destruction from your e-waste before the recycling process. This service protects individuals from identity theft and fraud that can cause by wrongly disposed computer or electronic gadgets.
IT Asset Recovery
Decommissioning solutions by us can help you in IT Asset Recovery, we offer on-site Data Destruction and benefits from sale of reusable IT Assets. This process is a planned step to make IT Asset Recovery hassle-free.
Reverse Logistics
We offer Reverse Logistics solutions that take products from the consumer back to the point of origin in order to recapture value or dispose of it properly.

Latest Articles

Articles on what new on the field of E-waste and how Pegasus can help you to comply.

About Pegasus

Pegasus Waste Management Pvt. Ltd is a culmination of environment enthusiast who professionally wants to plug the gaps with the technocratic and scientific experience. We have come up with a completely integrated Plant at Binola, Gurugram to keep pace with the fast-growing waste management problem.

Our Services will extend from handling, managing, processing and recovering virgin metals from waste streams i.e. electronic waste, electrical waste, battery waste, metal waste and plastic waste in compliance with all the environmental & pollution control norms as per the E-Waste Management Rules 2018.

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    Pegasus Advantage

    In the pursuit of constant innovation to offer the best to our customers, we have partnered with Global Waste Organisation to be one of Asia’s largest integrated waste management solutions providers. The technology sharing from this partnership will help us increase our capabilities to upcycle plastic for uses in poly-fuel generation and also increase the number of metals we can extract from e-waste components such as PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards).

    Through the synergies between the group companies & technology sharing, we excel in the end to end process of Integrated E Waste management.


    Under the E-Waste Rules, 2016, Extended Producer Responsibility has been mandated to ensure that adequate recycling of Electronics and Electrical items i.e. computers, phones, tablets and televisions is the responsibility of the Producer. This is done by the producer by creating appropriate chananels for  supply of these equipment to the approved E-waste recycler.