Plant Facilities

Before we talk about our Recycling Plant first lets mention why we came to recycling. We from the core team has a collective experience of 65 years in e-waste recycling. We were the first industry patrons who qualified the draft regulation to be a gazette law, along with many other industry and govt. Officials helping each other on building the overall perspective for a safer environment.

An evolved recycling Plant was need for the hour, where we already have about 400 (approx.) recycling and re-processing units across India. Many just followed the footsteps but somehow moved away from the track of getting the right bandwidth on technology. Our motive with the recent facility at Binola (Haryana) is to bring the perspective of ‘Right Technology for The Right Solution’ for each segment of electronic and electrical products. The E-Waste collected from the consumers is transported to the E-Waste recycling plant for segregation, dismantling, treatment & for disposal from across India.

We too are keen to support struggling treatment facilities in India with the right solution as per their particular location and type of waste category handling.

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Established Recycling Plant at Binola

  • Required dismantling equipment have been installed where manual dismantling can be carried out.
  • The workers involved in recycling operations shall wear proper PPEs (gloves, masks, goggles, gum boots)
  • Our E-Waste recycling facility has installed suitable wastewater treatment equipment for treatment of waste water and air pollution control equipment depending upon the type of processes going on in the recycling plant.
  • Noise control devices for machines like crusher, grinders and shredder needs has been provided so that it doesn’t contribute to noise pollution.
  • Ample facility for onsite collection and storage of residues, floor cleaning dust and other hazardous material shall be provided and sent to secure land fill facility by making an agreement with the TSDF (Treatment, Storage & Disposal Facility) operator.