Mr. Praveen Bhargava

Mr. Praveen Bhargava, known to be as passionate about his profession as an army man serving his motherland. He is not just an environmentalist by designation but a 'Professional' through and through, driving to push value to each and every action.

His mentions are always elaborate as his experience in the field of Waste Management, Waste to Energy, Energy Audits, Waste Resource Management etc has all been today seen as whitepapers for implementation of valued output. He has over 17 years of experience in E waste management and has always distributed knowledge, value and passion in the right direction for a project to be successful.

He started his vision of Environment Services through his flagship brand Perfact Solutions Group, which is now a complete 'Environment Solutions' conglomerate having six separate SBU's uniquely taking care of each segment of environmental solution. Valuing the experience, he is taking forward the baton to bring another passion to life i.e. Pegasus Waste Management Pvt Ltd. It will completely take-care of all your waste management requirements as per the Law and also support Corporate/Retailers/Manufacturers with a pool of services to suit from for their overall 'Sustainability Objective' to be met.

He is a seasoned Leader with over 30 valued years of environmental passion running through his next generation as well building over his foundation of knowledge, hard-work, experience and passion.

Mr. Arijit Das

Mr. Arijit Das, with incredible relationship skills and formal education in Marketing, he has been at core teams of successfully launched and established brands in India namely Kingfisher Airlines, Attero Group, and IKLO India. He is driven by sheer passion to established first of it’s kind elements and now working to enable and connect new formats of enhancement with technology in the Environmental, Renewable & Recycling Industry. He was instrumental in establishing the first e-waste recycling plant in India and lived by example through it’s success story at Attero Group.

Presently he holds a certified Master Cadet in E-Waste Management Process Enabling in India and is a member with CEAMA, MAIT, PHD Chambers, MEITY and FICCI. He has also been Consulting for various product companies in Electronics and Consumer Durables in Hazardous Waste Management, RoHS and BIS formulation.

He was instrumental in enabling 'Carbon Credit' benefits for the E-Waste Industry and launched the first successful program in India. He has over 15 years of experience in curating stand alone concepts for various Corporate Houses and Businesses since 2006 in the Environmental Segment purely to drive new formats and enhance Growth through Sustainability.