We decommission used Electronic, Networking as well as IT Assets. The pictorial depiction is primarily to help all understand the process is followed as per the E-Waste Mangement Rules, keeping the overall aspect of Re-Use and the Recycling process.

For all the recycling objective the below disassembly procedure is followed, which takes place in our integrated recycling facility at Binola.

Decommission computer and electronics is a challenging task. It becomes more exigent with large businesses to decommission high quantities of IT assets at once. Decommissioning process needs to be quick and hassle free, as businesses and data center cant afford any lag-time in their operations during decommissioning process.
Other than the Asset being recycled under decommissioning process its important to wipeof all the data from the IT Assets like computer and other electronics.

The Pegasus offer adept decommission services for our clients. It offer end to end solution for decommissioning large business setups and data centers. Our service includes data recovery, refurbishment, and recycling processes. We offer secure pickup and drop-off services to performing on-site data recovery and data destruction.

Planning & Management Logistics

Upgrading IT in a business setup is a complex task it requires indepth planing and management to effectuate hassle free decommission. We understand that your business cannot be affected due to a lack of technology. Our Decommissioning ensures hassle less upgrade and installation of latest technology in office setup. We create a detailed plan of action, timelines and understand your IT needs to execute successful decommissioning process.

Our team has a lot of experience in decommission project management, we have experties to customize the timelines to meet of your business needs. By collaborating with only one organization like Pegasus for the entirety of your gadgets assortment, data recuperation, refurbishment, and recycling needs, you will save your company a great deal of time and money. Let our group handle your hardware overhauls and reusing while you center around progressively dire organization activities.

Benefits of Decommissioning

Decommissioning offers the following benefits

  • Decommissioning assets and equipment
  • Bar code scanning and recording of devices / equipment
  • Secure Collection process with complete tracking
  • Secure Certified Destruction of devices & assets containing data
  • Ethical & Sustainable Recycling
  • Detailed Verification Reporting
  • Certificate of Destruction

Why Pegasus?

Recycling Benefits with Pegasus

Other than our core service of recycling and disposal of electronic and electrcal waste we also provide additional services and supports to our corporate clients.
Most of the time we receive electronic waste from our corporate clients that have potential to be resue and equipment that has no useful life. We at pegasus assess if it is worth investing time in trying to repair equipment or send it straight for recycling at the plant. With our years of experties we offer many complementary services that support requirements for compliant ewaste disposal and recycling from our clients.

  1. Following are a few of them.
  2. Data Destruction
  3. Resell Electronics and IT Assets
  4. Asset Tracking and Reporting
  5. Certificate of Recycling