IT Asset Resue

The growing demand of information technology has led companies accuire thousands of electronic appliances. But after completing their useful age these equipments are decommissioned. We at Pegasus understand that many of these appliances still have some life in them.

Our IT Asset Reuse services sort such electronic appliances and components for further reuse. To reuse decommissioned ewaste alll it require is minor upgrades or refurbishments. These simple upgrades can bring new life in ewaste.
IT Asset Reuse is a good practice to keep the piling landfils of ewaste under check. IT Asset Reuse is one of the enviornment friendly way reduce ewaste. IT Asset Reuse service by The Pegasus saves the enviornment and also enable the client of use the decommissioned appliances to its utmost potential.

We offer complete range of services for IT Asset Reuse. It many includes IT Asset Disposal, IT Asset Recovery, Data Destruction and Decommissioning of IT Asset. We have inhouse team of engineers to sort out the reuseable components and appliances. These assets are then upgraded and refurbished to make them reuseable.

The EPA Hierarchy for eWaste Management

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has illustrated a the greenest way of handling the ewaste. The Hierarchy illustrats steps for ewaste management starting with reuse, recycle, dispose. Pegasus abides to the guideline of EPA and make every effort to repurpose, reconfigure, or otherwise reuse all IT assets before considering them for recycling or disposal.

Benefits of Reuse

Reuse the IT Asset offers the following benefits

  • Data Security
  • Compliance
  • Value Recovery
  • Sustainability

Why Pegasus?

Recycling Benefits with Pegasus

Other than our core service of recycling and disposal of electronic and electrcal waste we also provide additional services and supports to our corporate clients.
Most of the time we receive electronic waste from our corporate clients that have potential to be resue and equipment that has no useful life. We at pegasus assess if it is worth investing time in trying to repair equipment or send it straight for recycling at the plant. With our years of experties we offer many complementary services that support requirements for compliant ewaste disposal and recycling from our clients.

  1. Following are a few of them.
  2. Data Destruction
  3. Resell Electronics and IT Assets
  4. Asset Tracking and Reporting
  5. Certificate of Recycling