Recycling For Electronic OEMs

Pegasus has an integral service aspect of managing manufacture’s waste from their plant location, which includes line components, sludge, dead parts etc. The mentioned are the services

Collection of Sludge : As per the regulation under Hazardous Waste Rules, sludge has been one of the major components which is difficult to store, risky to store, risky to handle and can be a fatal source of a huge hazard.

On Site Pickup: We collect sludge from the client location in closed containers in which we charge the client only for the handling charges.

On-Time Reporting: We report each and every movement till the load reaches our factory at Binola.

Why Pegasus:

  1. Live Update
  2. Reporting with Govt. Authorities
  3. Certificate of Recycling
  4. Recovery Report of each component




At Pegasus we offer end to end solution for OEMs of recycling ewaste. Its is important of OEMs tho have a knowledgable partner in disposal and recycling of outdated & end of life electronic products and IT assests. Pegasus offer 100% transparency and secure disposal and destruction as per legal compliance for our OEM partners. At Pegasus we keep interest of our partner OEMs forward to make sure the are protected from liability and pitfalls associated with no compliant ewaste recycling, disposal.

We have fully equiped resources and plants to securly dispose of the ewaste under 100% legal compliance process. Our experience and expertise enable us to understand and follow all legal guidelines and regualtions that affects OEM industry.

With Pegasus you OEMs can avail services as follows.

Following are the items that can be recycled into something new.

Data Protection
At Pegasus we offer our OEM Clients an industries best data protection services. We offer high end mobile shredding solutions to bring trust and convinence for OEM partners by offering physical destruction on site.

Asset Liquidation
At pegasus we vouch to offer a fair value of IT Assets based on their age and condition. We ensure that you get the best value out of your unused sitting IT Assets.

On-Site Pick-up
Client enjoy hassle free services with Pegasus. We are known for our specialize on-site pickup and transfer services. Let us do all teh heavy lifting while you can sip hot coffee. Our experienced technicians will ensure that your wewaste leaves the premises without damaging anyting.

Live Tracking
We offer GPS based tracking of ewaste, securly packed on the trucks, we ensure your peace of mind remains put when the ewaste is under our cutody.

On-time reporting
Puncuality is another thing pegasus remains unbeaten the the industry. Our specialize team shares transparent reporting of every IT Assets or eWaste packed under our custody.

Why Pegasus?

Recycling Benefits with Pegasus

Other than our core service of recycling and disposal of electronic and electrcal waste we also provide additional services and supports to our corporate clients.
Most of the time we receive electronic waste from our corporate clients that have potential to be resue and equipment that has no useful life. We at pegasus assess if it is worth investing time in trying to repair equipment or send it straight for recycling at the plant. With our years of experties we offer many complementary services that support requirements for compliant ewaste disposal and recycling from our clients.

  1. Following are a few of them.
  2. Data Destruction
  3. Resell Electronics and IT Assets
  4. Asset Tracking and Reporting
  5. Certificate of Recycling