Advanced Material Recovery

Benefits of Advanced Material Recovery
E-Waste management process is a state of the art multi level process. We employ technological advancements in the ewaste handling process. Under the service of Advanced Material Recovery Pegasus ensure we bring most out of the ewaste in hands. We have a fully automatic processing plant to ensure we offer best in the market Advanced Material Recovery solutions to our clients.

Pegasus Advanced Material Recovery ensures Increasing the Recovery of Valuable Materials. At Pegasus we understand that electronic products and shredded fractions need special care while recycling. Our Advanced Material Recovery services bring out maximum resource recovery rates in recycling process of special goods. Some products contains harmful materials that can damage the environment if released in air in the normal recycling process. Others may contain valuable materials which can go waste in the process. We at Pegasus do comprehensive sorting process of goods and shredded fractions before recycling. This helps us recover precious metals, hazardous materials from the waste before recycling process initiates.

Benefits of Advanced Material Recovery

  • Improving the financial return from your recycled waste streams
  • Environmentally responsible and safe recycling
  • Higher recovery rates of non-ferrous metals, plastics and other higher grade materials
  • Upgrading waste streams by last step separation techniques