Reduces Business Cost

Reduces Metal Mining

Protects Environment

Boosts Renewables

Circular Economy

In the pursuit of constant innovation to offer the best to our customers, we have partnered with Global Waste Organisation to be one of Asia’s largest integrated waste management solutions providers. The technology sharing from this partnership will help us increase our capabilities to upcycle plastic for uses in poly-fuel generation and also increase the number of metals we can extract from e-waste components such as PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards).

Through the synergies between the group companies & technology sharing, we excel in the end to end process of Integrated E Waste management.

Under the E-Waste Rules, 2016, Extended Producer Responsibility has been mandated to ensure that adequate recycling of Electronics and Electrical items i.e. computers, phones, tablets and televisions is the responsibility of the Producer. This is done by the producer by creating appropriate channels for  supply of these equipment to the approved E-waste recycler.

A huge part of the reason, recycling faces a large amount of resistance is due to the concerns regarding data privacy. Data security is a valid concern for businesses. Businesses subject to the Privacy Act have a mandatory obligation to report notifiable data breaches and any individuals who may be affected by the breach. Non-compliance attracts penalties of up to million for Recyclers.

Pegasus technology is an end-of-life recycling solution for e-waste. Everything is destroyed as part of the recycling process, ensuring that all e-waste is securely disposed off without the possibility of unauthorised information retrieval.

Metal Variant Recovery
40000 MT
Scalable Landfill To Recycling
Tonnes Hazardous Waste Disposal
Percent Environment Protection