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Take Action Against E-waste
For All consumers – don’t hoard outdated electronics. If they still work, pass them on to someone else who may need them. If they no longer work, don’t leave them in your curbside bin to be sent to landfill, send your e-waste to your nearest Pegasus drop-off point or just call us to get a pick-up.


We service across the country, disposing of e-waste in general waste is no longer an option, with statewide legislation implemented by State Pollution Control Boards under stringent supervision of by Central Pollution Control Board and Ministry of Environment & Forest. Stop the disposal of e-waste in conventional rubbish bins and landfill, is an appeal from the Recycling Fraternity to save rare earth mining, environmental depletion and increasing hazards for future generation.


We encourage Producers, Bulk Consumers, Retailers etc to book your consulting session with our experts to talk in detail on electronic and electrical asset life-cycle assessment, waste management and achieving sustainability for Brand Valuation. The contaminated, out-of-date, obsolete, recalled, illegal, and sensitive materials or products, including e-waste should be in able hands of Integrated Recyclers like Pegasus Waste Management Pvt Ltd. E-waste not just a concern for your business, it is an opportunity to evolve your Brand.

Other then precious metals, refining services also helps in Mixed Metals Refining, Residue Fine Metal Refining, Mixed Plastics Refining. Refining is very important process of recycling as it enhances the scope to create something new from the recycled waste.

Maximize value recovery from refining service
  • Process material to facilitate handling and sampling
  • Determine precious metal content using in-house world-class assay laboratory
  • Accurate precious metal calculations as a result of top notch laboratory
  • Prepare material for final processing


Steps & Benefits of Refining


Chopping helps in reduction the size of electornics products and components. Reduced size helps in collecting sample to determine material value.


Products which contains organics, including sludges, residues and burnables are treated in roasting process. This process is executed in high capacity natural gas-fired ovens to process large volumes of materials. Pegasus have high end ovens with afterburners and a baghouse for pollution control this also increses oven efficiency. Roasting is a process to burn off impurities. At the end of the process roasting produces dry material suitable for sampling or further processing.


Under milling proccess dry materials are crushed in a rotary sampers. milling process of refining enable us to take samples for testing presence of precious metals.


This process is suitable for extrating precious metals from the ewaste. Plated parts of the waste stream is treated with chemicals to recover metal postions from the parts.


Our melting process is employed with natural gas fired furnaces to produce precious metal bullion.