E-Waste Sourcing Channel

Indirect Channel

E –Waste Pickers from Household Local Scrap Dealers Collection Centers/Aggregators (City Wise) Pegasus Recycling Facility

Direct Channel

E –waste from Large Corporate Houses Pegasus Recycling Facility

Hybrid Channel

E –Waste from Manufacturing Hubs/Public Offices Collection Centers/Aggregators (City Wise) Pegasus Recycling Facility
Let us go through the process of dealing with E-waste step by step

Process Details


Manual dismantling is engaged in the initial processes Sorting of reusable components from e-waste

Primary Shredder

Raw shredding, crushing for Size Reduction and change of shape for downstream processing And Ferrous content separation

Secondary Shredder

Shredding of non ferrous parts for their downstream processing

Component Removal Machine

Removal of IC, Other electronic components, All solid components, Edge connections & Any metals from Printed Circuit Board

Plastics Shredder

Size and Shape compatibility and reduction for maximal homogeneity, downstream mixing and later extrusion

Plastic Segregation & Extrusion

Convert waste plastic into usable granules

Motor Recycling

Removal of Copper, Iron, Aluminium and other usable metallic items for sale

Precious Metal Recovery

  • Aimed to revolutionize the methods of handling E-Waste
  • Simple, cost-effective solution that reduces carbon footprint and can treat any grade or type of scrap boards.
  • Ensure maximum recovery of metals from the waste stream.
Reduction in CO2, CO and NO
Precious Metal Recovery
Inputs and Outputs Recycled/Reused
Lower Energy Consumption
Glass Reinforced Plastic Recovery

Process Flow Diagram